4 Reasons Why Making Notes of Training Motivates You

No matter what you are doing for your health and fitness, making notes of training is a valuable tool that will motivates you because it will help you remember details and accelerate your progress.

What are the basic benefits of making notes of training?

1. You can track your progress – This is a great help whether you are having a good or bad day at the gym. It is fun to be able to look back to where you started and see how far you have progressed. And when you feel that you lost motivation to continue what you are doing, it would be encouraging to see that you really have come a long way.

2. You will learn fast – Starting a new workout routine will help you learn new skills. By writing down your workouts your process of learning will be fast by repeating the concepts and terminology to yourself. You will remember the term you need to use just in case you what to research it on the internet.

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3. To remember your weights. – Sometimes you forget which dumbbell you lifted or which kettle ball you used. Taking notes is important especially if you are on your own and there’s nobody to ask. Your notes will give you accurate answer about any details that you want to get every time you want to do a little more than last time. To get good result you need to constantly increase the difficulty of you workout.

4. To analyze information – If you have a detailed log of your workouts, it will help you trainer on giving you advice on how to progress because instead of guessing, he know exactly what you have been doing. If you are making notes you will be able to pinpoint whatever the problem especially if your note includes detail of your sleep, nutrition and your water intake.

Taking notes is not just for a specific training. For example you can write about your run time and distances, you can write about new skills you’ve learned for the day like yoga and what was challenging about them. If I may ask, how are you making notes on your progress? After tracking your results, have you made an adjustments? Do you have any questions on how to property making notes of your training?

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