Training Tips When on Holidays

You are almost at the peak of your training and you’re about to achieve your dream weight but the holidays is coming and there’s no way to skip it. The truth is it doesn’t take long for the body to lose strength, endurance and aerobic power. You don’t want your hard work starts to deteriorate. If you stop training for long enough, you could lose it and it might take longer to get it back.

3 Ways to Prevent Losing What You’ve Gained

1. Get creative with cross-training.

You can continue your cross-training while on holidays; think about combining it with your schedule. It is for the body and good for the brain. By doing workouts your body is unaccustomed to, you’ll develop new neural pathways, burn more calories and discover new skills plus avoid burnout.

2. Do a short, intense workout.

If possible, just cut down the frequency of your workouts by one to two-thirds, but keep the intensity up. If you may think that 12-15 minutes isn’t worth your time- but with high intensity interval training workout and you are really working out for the duration will keep you in good shape.

3. Morning workouts.

Morning workout can be hard to some, especially if you usually do your training after work or before dinner. If you can commit to getting up early 1-2 times a week, it will make a huge difference in what you accomplish. This is perfect if you have activities to do for the day that will make you exhausted and forget about your workout.

Let me know what time of year do you struggle with the most when it comes to working out, and how do you fit in workouts during holiday season?

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