Keeping Up with the FADashians

Keeping Up with the Fad Diets: Juice & Skinny Tea Diets

Fad diets promise you a quick weight loss that can happen while you sleep. Most of these diets are unhealthy and unbalanced. They promise you to lose fat without exercise, but is it really the fat you’re losing or just the water weight?

At first, it looks easy to follow but since these diets are restricted to a certain food, we tend to get bored. These diets are not good especially on a long-term basis, the rules are arbitrary and a few could be dangerous to your health. I have two good examples of fad diets that are so popular that many of us still consider.

Juice Diet

If you think juice will make you feel full. Think again. Going on a juice-only diet will make you feel hungry a lot more often. Juices in general have no protein that can build lean muscle so if you are trying to get fit, juice diet will only work against your effort.

Drinking so much juices can lead to blood sugar swings because juice even when they’re homemade, it contain a bit of natural sugar much more than if you ate the food rather than juicing it. Juicing will make the drink easier to digest, but on a long term, we do need fiber in our diets – as a matter of fact the reason why we eat fruits is that of its fiber content to scrubs the digestive tract clean and gets rid of plaque and trapped toxins.

Skinny Tea Diet

These drink me and be thin diets are so appealing because of the benefit of effortless weight loss that they promise. Who wouldn’t want to try a cup of these skinny teas that are so popular in the market today?

Skinny teas are safe if they are used correctly. You can only use it for a short period of time and intermittently because teas contain senna leaf that is used as a laxative. Too much use of this would make you sick; your body would be completely dehydrated. Imagine taking this every day even they are not needed; it can cause electrolyte and fluid loss, as well as the loss of other nutrients that the heart and brain needed to function.

If you have been trying to lose weight for some time now, these fad diets can certainly be tempting. Even losing weight has to be done in the right way. The goal of weight loss will be done better if it is combined with total lifestyle change. Let me know if you need help and I’ll be glad to talk to you.

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