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This will give you example of home workout plan that you can add to your training and be a part of the club of MM Fitness.

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Start Working Out in 5 Easy Steps

We all wanted to lose weight and get fit to look good and healthy. But one of the problems that we usually face is how to get started. Exercising for the first time can be a little bit discouraging. You might be thinking about how far you have to go to achieve you goals. 1. […]

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Ashtanga Yoga

5 Surprising Benefits of Yoga

Yoga increases flexibility and is a stress reliever, but do you know that the practice can do more than help you get flexible body and peaceful mind? Today you will learn 5 surprising benefits of yoga that will give you new reasons to show off your yoga skills. 1. Yoga for migraine prevention – whether […]

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Fitness For Sport: Understanding Training Definition And Principles

With a large amount of information available on the different training methods known to humans, there is no agreement on which technique is right. Understanding what the basic principles of fitness for sport training are will help you understand the differences between the training programs available. Since training for every sport, team, and athlete is […]

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Why Lifting Is Great For Your Health, Mind And Body

The more muscle you’ve got, the easier it’ll be to lose weight. But weight lifting has other health benefits too, like improved memory and better blood sugar regulation. Weight lifting has been the topic of some controversial discussions in the fitness and medicine industry. However, new scientific studies on the health benefits of lifting weight […]

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