Probiotics In Food

Probiotics In Food Absorption is the first step.  You can eat all the healthy foods you want, but if you are not absorbing the nutrients, then you are not any closer to being healthier. The first step to ensure this is happening is to optimize you stomach acid levels with hydrochloric acid. Probiotics are the […]

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Jade Squat

Whole Body Training to Lose Fat

Whole Body Training to Lose Fat Lose the fat and reveal your abs by doing whole body training and sprints. Instead of spending a lot of time on sit-ups and abdominal lifts, do multi-joint training to get strong, cut abs. Total body training will start the fat removal process from your middle, and if you […]

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Functional Training Is Valuable

The Stress response

The Stress response The process of power training is applying physical loading in a distinctive manner to achieve a distinctive type of adaption. Provided the enforced stress does not surpass the individual’s biological adaptive capabilities, the body will then be substantively prepared for related or greater stress of the type in the future. Regardless of […]

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Healthy Sleep by Neil Crawford

Healthy Zzzzz’s So you really are doing everything humanly possibly to get healthy. What a regime you’ve managed to structure. Life is frenetic and every second counts. You’re drinking 3 liters a day of that supreme nectar known as water, and your style of eating is undoubtedly conducive to a wonderfully lean and energetic body. […]

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Michael Mackin - DSCN0350

Exercise Order

When you are planning to exercise the order in which exercises you do is vital. Compound exercises with a high technical component need to be performed first in a session, as they require a great level of concentration and coordination, so should be performed when your energy levels are highest and the nervous system is […]

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Jade Bicep Pose

GVT for Ladies

GVT for ladies German volume training aims it to produce as much lactic acid as possible which then increase the amount of growth hormone produced, so a greater fat loss. The best way for this to happen is to do large compound exercises over multiple joints, increasing your heart rate. Follow a sample of the […]

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Training For Muscle Mass

Training For Muscle Mass Example of one day exercise for muscle mass Following on from the Repitions, Sets, Rest and Tempo for muscle mass please see an example of a training day using the implements from those articles to train chest, triceps, biceps and finishing of with some abdominal work. e.g.     For a […]

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MAke every second

Tempo For Muscle Mass

Tempo For Muscle Mass So many people in the gym go straight to the bench press and rush the repetition as explained previously time under tension is the key to muscle growth using the correct technique. Tempo As you can see below here is a example of controlling the tempo when putting the muscle under […]

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