If your a novice to training or just lack motivation we look to include workouts plans for women and men our articles look to include information and tips on what to do at the gym to lose weight we know that people fail to include fitness in their lifestyle due to other commitments such as work, family, children and other obstacles. We will include fat burning workouts that can be done at the gym, at home or on your business travels.

Everyone has different demands an different ages that can distract us from looking after out bodies but our knowledge and online training methods will give you the knowledge and confidence that 20-45 minutes workouts can be added to your lifestyle and changing to a healthier lifestyle isn’t as difficult as perceived in the media. We look to give honest advice that is achievable to everyone no matter what the circumstance is.

We look to remove the fad short stop diets and give being the knowledge required to change your lifestyle and make good informed judgements on everyday obstacles that occur.

We look to remove the dreaded questions of is this good for me, what should I train today, how many times should I be training a week, I am eating this but not losing any weight, what exercises can I do to tone my stomach.

Any questions on any of the blog posts just comment and we will get back to you and we will provide you with knowledge on the queries you have.



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Start Working Out in 5 Easy Steps

We all wanted to lose weight and get fit to look good and healthy. But one of the problems that we usually face is how to get started. Exercising for the first time can be a little bit discouraging. You might be thinking about how far you have to go to achieve you goals. 1. […]

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Skinny Tr

Keeping Up with the FADashians

Keeping Up with the Fad Diets: Juice & Skinny Tea Diets Fad diets promise you a quick weight loss that can happen while you sleep. Most of these diets are unhealthy and unbalanced. They promise you to lose fat without exercise, but is it really the fat you’re losing or just the water weight? At […]

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4 Things To Eat Before You Workout

4 Things To Eat Before You Workout

Remember the golden rule that “Don’t exercise on an empty stomach.” Not eating before a workout can cause a low blood sugar that may lead to fainting and fatigue. You need to make sure that you eat with the right combination of carbs and proteins. Junk food will just be counterproductive and it feels like […]

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Ashtanga Yoga

5 Surprising Benefits of Yoga

Yoga increases flexibility and is a stress reliever, but do you know that the practice can do more than help you get flexible body and peaceful mind? Today you will learn 5 surprising benefits of yoga that will give you new reasons to show off your yoga skills. 1. Yoga for migraine prevention – whether […]

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