Best Workout Plan According to Your Body Type

They say that it is impossible to lose weight in only specific areas of your body, but to deliver best results you should understand the best workout plan according to your body type. To get started, first you’ll want to determine your body type:

Pear – Your bottom is a bit wider than your top. You carry excess weight in your hips, thighs and butt. The strategy for you is to do strength and cardio exercise. The best is circuit style toning routine where you alternate between moves that work your upper body, lower body and then abs – with a little rest between sets. This will keep your heart rate up and burn more calories than traditional strength training

Best Workout Plan According to Your Body Type

Apple – You are rounder in the middle and have a thicker waist in comparison to their hips and shoulder. You have a tendency to hold weight in their upper body and midsection. Your focus should be on your lower body strength moves that will create a balance look. Weighted single leg squats, lunges and step ups, as well as plyometric exercises like jumps. Keep cardio lower body focused, too – things like biking and hiking are great.

Hourglass– Your bust and hips are larger compared to their waist. While the hourglass’s weight tends to be more evenly distributed around their body, that doesn’t mean that this body type isn’t prone to excess flab in unwanted areas. What you need is total-body sculpting and fat burning cardio to get lean and curvy shape. Best sample exercises are lateral lunges, mason twist and face pulls.

Banana – You have what we call boyish build, they are stick straight with very few curves. Go for ab exercise – such as bicycle crunches and front and side planks that target your obliques and transverse abdominis. As for aerobic exercise, try things that challenge your upper and lower body, too like paddle boarding or bootcamp classes.


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  1. Hank Ellingburg August 11, 2017 at 9:18 am #

    Cut the carbohydrates, lesser your blood insulin and you will definitely begin to eat much less fats automatically and without Forskolin.

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