About Us

We aim to teach beginners to fitness and unmotivated trainees how to workout and add fitness to their lifestyle without it overtaking their life, we offer real people around the world an opportunity to improve their health and fitness levels through realistic how to work out plan, diet plans, and full support via social media and email.

Who We Are
Put simply, we are just like you. We fully understand the demands of family, friends and work as well as trying to balance that with weekly exercise as we all work full-time in jobs consisting of 35 – 40 hours per week and also trying to fit in studying.
Through www.mmfitness.ie, we show people just like you how to do it all without letting the gym take over your life. You can be healthy and fit without feeling stressed out or insecure. Thanks to social pressure from the media and photo-shopped social media accounts, women are under more pressure than ever to have the ‘perfect’ body with bad advertising ploys by protein and fitness companies.  In reality, fitness should complement a happy life, not soak up all your time. Our mission is to make realistic, and healthy fitness goals a reality through our support.
What We Offer 
We provide reliable and honest fitness information through our blog as well as honest reviews of real products and services. We never promote individuals or workout plans that we haven’t tried ourselves. We also fill our blog with delicious, good-for-you recipes and workout plans.For those who want a little something extra, we also offer a comprehensive eGuide, which you can download right from our site – mmfitness.ie/shop
Why Us?
We want to help you set realistic fitness goals that work with your body and schedule, not against it. When you follow us, you gain access to fitness plans and diets proven to work. We look forward to being a part of your fitness journey, if you want to find out more about us or have any concerns please contact us via social media on by mail.

Michael Mackin



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